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Technical rider & Stage plan.


First of all, thank you for your interest in booking a show for Che Morale. Below is a list of

our technical requirements. It might sound a bit formal to you, this is not meant to cause any

inconveniences on your behalf. We designed this rider for optimum effectiveness at the day

of the show. If there are any questions or if you have some trouble with get in touch with our manager.


Our stage setup is:

Vladimir Ermolov – frontmen\main vocal\trumpet

Alex Kozlov – trombone\keys

Alex Karnishov – bass-guitar\back-vocal

Alex Sokolov – drums\ main back-vocal

Dmitry Smirnov- electric guitar\ back-vocal


Main Line & Back Line


We assume that there is a well sized PA system provided for the concert room with sufficient power to supply a clean and undistorted 110dB SPL RMS to the mixing desk and a powerful and feedback-proof monitor system.

Our technical set up for small venues, up to 150 people


1. PA - (K-Array 202)

2. Digital mixdesk for 16 channels (Yamaha)

3. Monitor system (Mackie)– 4 -5 (5 lines)

4. Vocal microphones (PG) - 4 ๘๒.

5. Instrumental microphone for trombone with cabel and stand (Shure)

6. Instrumental microphone for trumpet with cabel and stand (Shure )

7. Guitar cabinet - Fender Blues De Lux (+microphone)

8. Bass-guitar cabinet - Mark Bass (+microphone)

9. Drums Kit(Yamaha, Pearl...) - bass-drum, floor tom, snare-drum, hangin tom, hi-hat, ride cymbal, splash cymbal, chair for drumer

10. Microphone kit for drums if needed

11. Stand for Keys

12. Stands for guitars – 2

13. Non carbonated water- 10 bottles

14. Blankets - 5 ๘๒.




We will need a qualified sound engineer, stage technician and lights technician. At the moment we do not have a regular engineer, so we depend heavily on the staff on-site.


Sound & lighting

We prefer an overall natural sound with minimal processing and effects. The drums need

not have clicky attack sounds, please use gates only when unavoidable and with great care.

The vocals are best left without reverberation. Lighting can be discussed during soundcheck, it

is important though that during the show there is always sufficient light for the bass and

guitar players to see the fretboard of their instruments. Please do NOT use fog and do NOT

use stroboscope effects, don‘t even think about it.


Stage plan



Thanks a lot for your help!



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