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Section III


Practical assignments:


Exercise 1. Find cases of transposition of nouns and comment on them:

1. They would put away the card-table and empty the ash-receivers with many "Oh, I beg your pardon's" and "No, no – I was in your way's."

2. "Madge, what's 'necessitas', masculine or feminine?" – "Why, feminine, of course." – "Why?" – "Why, she was the mother of invention."

3. "Who is your favorite classic novelist?" – "Thackeray." – "Great Scott!" – "Some think so; still I prefer Thackeray."

4. This is the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps. Its members are called "Neurotics."

5. "Yes," prattled the elderly lady, "that is the Duke and Duchess; the couple behind them are the Mayor and the Mayoress, and those on the right are the Vicar and the-er-Vixen."

6. "If I speak of a foot, and you show me óîur feet, and I give you a boot, would a pair be called beet? If one is a tooth and a whole set are teeth, why shouldn't the plural of booth be called beeth?"

7. The man I argued yesterday's explanation puzzled me greatly.


Exercise 2. Analyse the stylistic use of the articles:

1. A 'Drive Safe' sign: "It's better to be late, Mr. Motorist, than to be the late, Mr. Motorist."

2. Advertisement: "Lion tamer wants tamer lion."

3. I thought it was fine – especially the Chopin.

4. I don't want to turn into a Teddy Bolan.

5. I will never go to a Sahara.

6. Sun: Friend not Foe.

7. Slowly but surely man is conquering Nature.


Exercise 3. Determine transposition of pronouns:

1. Are they going to take thee away?

2. They arrived at the fifth inning. "What's the score, Jim?" she asked a fan. "Nothing to nothing," was the reply. "Oh, goodly!" she exclaimed. "We haven't missed a thing!"

3. "So your son is in college? How is he making it?" – "To be exact, he isn't making it. I'm making it and he's spending it."

4. Chivalry is how you feel when you're cold.

5. Sign on the wall of a research laboratory: "Consider the turtle – He doesn't make any progress unless he sticks his neck out."

6. The masculine pronouns are he, his, him, but imagine the feminine she, shis, and shim!

7. "Correct this sentence: 'it was me that spilt the ink." – "It wasn't me that spilt the ink."


Exercise 4. Point out and explain cases of transposition of adjectives:

1. "I want you to teach my son a foreign language." – "Certainly, madam, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish –?" – "Which is the most foreign?"

2. Landlady: "I think you had better board elsewhere." Boarder: "Yes, I often have." Landlady: "Often had what?" Boarder: "Had better board elsewhere."

3. "What are the comparative and superlative of bad, Berty?" – "Bad – worse – dead."

4. "Unmarried?" – "Twice."

5. I don't like Sunday evenings: I feel so Mondayish.


Exercise 5. Pick out and analyse transposition of verbs:

1. "An' what's more, I ain't 'ad a day's illness in my life!" – "Lor lumme, what on earth d'yer find to talk about?"

2. "And your brother, who was trying so hard to get a government job, what is he doing now?" – "Nothing. He got the job."

3. "I would like to settle that little debt of mine." – "I'm very glad to hear it!" – "I said I would like to; but I can't."

4. "I must say these are fine biscuits!" Exclaimed the young husband. "How could you say those are fine biscuits?" inquired the young wife's mother, in a private interview. "I didn't say they were fine. I only said I must say so."

5. A man who is always complaining is the easiest man to satisfy because nothing satisfies him.

6. At fifteen I'm an orphan, and Vic moves in. "From now on you'll do as I tell you," he says. It impressed me.

7. "Can you tell me where this road goes, please?" – "It don't go anywhere; it just stops where it is."

8. "I'm taking political economy at college." – "That's a useless course. Why learn to economize in politics? It's not being done."

9. "Waiter!" – "Yes, sir." – "What's this?" – "It's bean soup, sir." – "No matter what it's been. What is it now?"

10. I said, "This deed, sir, will you do?" And soon the deed was dod!

11. "What would you do if you were in my shoes?" – "Polish them!"

12. "Does a doctor doctor a doctor according to the doctored doctor's doctrine or doctoring, or does the doctor doing the doctrine doctor the other doctor according to his own doctoring doctrine?"

13. "If we forget, then we've forgotten, But things we wet are never wotten, And houses let cannot be lotten. "

14. "So you're not going to Paris, this year?" – "No – it's London we're not going to this year; it was Paris we didn't go to last year!"


Exercise 6. Analyse the stylistic value of adverbs:

1. "Her husband didn't leave her much when he died, did he?" – "No; but he left her very often when he was alive."

2. "Shay, pardon me, offisher, but where am I?" – "You're on the corner of Broadway and Forty-second Street." – "Cut out the details. What town am I in?"

3. "Your hair wants cutting badly, sir," said a barber insinuatingly to a customer. "No, it doesn't," replied the man in the chair "it wants cutting nicely. You cut it badly last time."

4. Jane was terrifically beautiful.

5. He seemed prosperous, extremely married and unromantic.


Exercise 7. Define the stylistic value of morphological transposition in the following sentences:

1. Roll on, thou dark and deep blue Ocean – roll!

2. What were you talking about to that old mare downstairs?

3. The real war was not between the Bill Davidsons and the Jean Duvals and the Hans Mullers [...] (òîáòî àíãë³éöÿìè, ôðàíöóçàìè ³ í³ìöÿìè).

4. The blonde I had been dancing with's name was Bernice – Crabs or Krebs.

5. A world without goodness – it'd be Paradise. But it wouldn't no more than now. The only paradises were fools' paradises, ostriches' paradises.

6. Waters on a starry night are beautiful and ² fair.

7. He was engaged to be married to a Miss Hubbard.

8. You are not the Andrew Manson I married.

9. It was a dead leaf, deader than the deadest tree leaf.

10. You have come from Them to spy on me. I told my uncle that the next one would suffer. And you're him.

11. A great pity! Surely something could be done! One must not take such situations lying down. She walks on, and reached a station, hot and cross.

12. You can never know what you can do till you try.

13. "I don't want to write; I want to live." What does she mean by that. It's hard to say.

14. All the people like us are We, and everyone else is they.

15. "And what are we going to do now, escape?" the warder asked the prisoner.

16. You're burning yourself out. And for what?

17. I'm going there tomorrow.

18. The auditorium is quite the largest in the world.

19. She is terribly pretty.


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