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Article 2. Incidence of this Law

Force of this Law shall extend to all subjects of economic activity.

Licensing of banking activity, activities related to providing finance service, foreign-economic activity, licensing of broadcasting channels, licensing in the field of electric power industry and utilization of nuclear power, licensing in the spheres of education, intellectual property, production and sale of ethyl spirit, cognac and fruit alcohol drinks and tobacco goods shall be performed according to the laws which regulate relationships in these spheres.

(part two of Article 2 is as amended by the Laws of Ukraine
N 2209-III, January 11, 2001,
N 2664-III, July 12, 2001,
N 2984-III, January 17, 2002)

Those types of economic activity, which are not included into the list of economic activities, established by Article 9 of this Law, are not subject to licensing, except cases, envisaged by part two of this Article.

Article 3. Basic Principles of State Policy in the Sphere of Licensing

Basic principles of the state policy in the sphere of licensing are:

ensuring equality in rights and legal interests for all subjects of economic activity;

protection of rights and legal interests, life and health of citizens, protection of environment and securing safety of citizens;

establishment of a single procedure of licensing of economic activities subject to licensing at the territory of Ukraine;

establishment of a single list of economic activities subject to licensing.

Licensing may not be used for the restriction of competition in performing economic activity.

The license is a single permissive document of optional character, authorizing conducting certain types of economic activity subject to restrictions according to the legislation.

Article 4. Authorities of Bodies of State Power in the Sphere of Licensing

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine shall determine the basic directions of state policy in the area of licensing and legislative foundations of its implementation.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, a specially authorized licensing body, as well as bodies of executive power, established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, specially authorized executive bodies of councils, authorized to execute licensing of certain types of economic activity, shall fulfill implementation of state policy in the sphere of licensing.

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