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Why you should Live, Work, and Travel in China.

Why more and more people heading to China for internships?



Nowadays, many people dream of long-term travels and being on the road forever. Well, we all wish we could travel for a year or two, or even five years, but how can we all afford it? Selling all our possessions or saving up money for years would be an idea, but many forget that they can live a permanent nomadic life abroad while working and traveling at the same time. How about going to China?



There are plenty of reasons why you should choose to settle down here. First of all, the Land of Dragons is growing faster than ever and people are getting richer by the minute. Here you can live your life at high standard, afford to travel and still save up money for the future voyages. Secondly, China is such a beautiful place to explore, yet challenging and diverse. You will never get bored here and a great variety of provinces will make your travels unforgettable. Thirdly, a country with over 5000 years of history, it is definitely a a place worth exploring.



Every year there are more and more people from abroad or Chinese who are returning from abroad, looking for an internship placement in China. The number of young professionals heading to China is increasing also because of the growing importance of the Chinese language. If you are able to live in the country, surrounded by its people, the process will be much faster than taking a course at home.


Be honest to yourself, as a foreigner wouldn't it be cool to be able to speak an Asian language apart from your mother tongue? A foreigner who is able to speak Chinese does not only impress companies but also the people around you. Besides, economy in China is booming, it is one of the most popular languages used amongst businesses. Do not underestimate the benefits of learning another language because there might be a day you landed yourself a big fat pay was because you were able to communicate in Mandarin with a Chinese client.

The other reasons why people are coming to China for internship is for the work experience. As mentioned above, to be able to work in a company in China will definitely benefit you in your future career path. I believe if you go back home, many companies will be impressed by your international experience. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will make you stand out!

Not to forget, there is an existing percentage of people who are looking for starting a career or even their own business in China. Starting off as an intern in China is definitely the best way to develop a strong understanding on how people do business here, and to build your own network in China.

An internship in China is a great stepping stone for many people who are looking for international experience!

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