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A Introduction

Henry and Claire are having dinner in a quiet restaurant. It's a warm evening. The food is delicious. Henry is feeling romantic.

An adjective is a word like quiet, warm, delicious, romantic. The word quiet describes the restaurant. It tells us what the restaurant is like.

B Word order

There are two places where we can use an adjective:

before a noun {a quiet restaurant) and after a linking verb (feeling romantic).


Claire's got a new car. Claire's car is new.

It was a dark night. It was getting dark.

This is good coffee. This coffee tastes good.

Some linking verbs are: appear, be, become, feel, get, look, seem, smell, stay, taste

We can use two or more adjectives together (see Unit 105).

It's a quiet little restaurant. Mike was wearing a dirty old coat.

We can put a word like very or quite before an adjective.

It was a very dark night. Henry was feeling quite romantic. Very and quite are adverbs of degree (see Unit 115).

c Adjectives used in one position only

We can use most adjectives in both positions - before a noun or after a linking verb. But a few adjectives can go in one position but not in the other.

Here are some examples of adjectives which can only go before a noun. Be careful crossing the main road. The only problem is I've got no money. Chess is an indoor game. The former footballer now trains young players.

Some more examples are: chief (= main), elder (= older), eldest (= oldest), inner, outdoor, outer, principal (= main), upper

Here are some examples of adjectives which can only go after a linking verb. At last the baby is asleep. Emma's two brothers are very alike. I'm really pleased to see you. Vicky looked ill, I thought.

Some more examples are: afraid, alone, ashamed, awake, alive, content (= happy), fine (= in good health), glad, unwell, well

82 Two nouns together, e.g. a colour photo 108 Adjective or adverb?

1 Adjectives (A) Look at the pictures and write a phrase with an adjective and noun. Use these nouns: building, car, cat, chairs, music, power, skirt, weather


104 Exercises

? a long skirt 3 ...................................................

? cold weather 4 .................................................


1. .. 5 ..

2. .. 6 .

Adjectives (A-B)

Underline all the adjectives in this description of a hotel.

This comfortable hotel with its pleasant gardens is ideal for people who want a quiet holiday, yet it is only a short distance from the highly popular attractions of the area. There are lovely views from every room. The atmosphere is very friendly, and the staff are always helpful. A holiday here is very good value for money. You can eat your meals at the hotel, where the food tastes marvellous. Or you can of course try some of the excellent local restaurants.

3 Adjectives used in one position only (C)

Look at the notes and write the song titles. Sometimes the adjective comes before the noun, and sometimes you need to use ;5 or are.

? your sister / elder Your elder sister

? this boy / alone This boy is alone


1 the world / asleep

2 my desire / chief

3 my heart / content

4 the thing to remember / main

5 the night / alive

6 secrets / inner

the girl tor me / only

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