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UNIT 121 On time/in time, At the end/in the end 6 page

6. We went --- a party --- Linda's house on Saturday.

7. Bombay is --- the west coast of India.

8. Look at the leaves --- that tree. They're a beautiful colour.

9. 'Have you ever been --- Tokyo?' 'No, I've never been --- Japan.'

10. Mozart died --- Vienna in 1791 --- the age of 35.

11. 'Are you --- this photograph?' 'Yes, that's me --- the left.'

12. We went --- the theatre last night. We had seats --- the front row.

13. 'Where's the light switch?' 'It's --- the wall . the door.'

14. What time did you arrive --- the party?

15. I couldn't decide what to eat. There was nothing --- the menu that I liked.

16. We live --- a tower block. Our flat is --- the fifteenth floor.

17. 'What did you think of the film?' 'Some parts were a bit stupid but --- the whole I enjoyed it.'

18. When you paid the hotel bill, did you pay --- cash or --- credit card?

19. 'How did you get here? --- the bus?' 'No --- car.'

20. A: I wonder what's --- television this evening. Have you got a newspaper?

B: Yes, the TV programmes are --- the back page.



Noun/adjective + preposition

Units 128-130

30. Put in the missing preposition.

1. The plan has been changed but nobody seems to know the reason --- this.

2. Don't ask me to decide. I'm not very good --- making decisions.

3. Some people say that Sue is unfriendly but she's always very nice --- me.

4. What do you think is the best solution --- the problem?

5. There has been a big increase --- the price of land recently.

6. He lives a rather lonely life. He doesn't have much contact --- other people.

7. Paula is a keen photographer. She likes taking pictures --- people.

8. Gordon got married --- a woman he met when he was studying at college.

9. He's very brave. He's not afraid --- anything.

10. I'm surprised --- the amount of traffic today. I didn't think it would be so busy.

11. Thank you for lending me the guide book. It was full --- useful information.

12. Please come in and sit down. I'm sorry --- the mess.



Verb + preposition

Units 131-135

31. Put in a preposition where necessary. If the sentence is already complete, leave an empty space (-).

1. She works quite hard. You can't accuse her --- being lazy.

2. Who's going to look --- your children while you're at work?

3. The problem is becoming serious. We have to discuss --- it.

4. The problem is becoming serious. We have to do something --- it.

5. I prefer this chair --- the other one. It's more comfortable.

6. I must phone --- the office to tell them I won't be at work today.

7. The river divides the city --- two parts.

8. 'What do you think --- the new manager?' 'She's all right, I suppose.'

9. Can somebody please explain --- me what I have to do?

10. 'Do you like staying at hotels?' 'It depends --- the hotel.'

11. 'Have you ever been to Borla?' 'No, I've never heard --- it. Where is it?'

12. You remind me --- somebody I knew a long time ago. You took just like her.

13. What's funny? What are you laughing ---.?

14. What have you done with all the money you had? What did you spend it ---.?


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