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General Information

Component locations

1.handlebar 16.wheel tension 31.adjustable nut of front shock 46. rear rocker
2.Fuel cap & breathe tube 17.left pedal 32alloy linker 47. rear brake disk
3.front fairing 18.side stand 33.gas cap 48£®clutch handle
4.steel frame 19.gear lever 34.spoke 49. engine stop switch
5,rear fairing 20.engine 35.wheel hub 50. cover of handlebar
6,saddle 21.front hydraulic brake system 36.rubber 51. front brake handle
7.rear fender 22.front brake disk 37.axes 52. ignition switch
8.Muffle 23.front wheel 38.ventpipe 53. handlebar and clamp
9.rear shock absorber 24.fender of front shock 39.protect fender 54. key switch
10.rear wheel 25.front shock 40. guide wind board  
11rear sprocket 26,front fender 41 alloy pedal of rear brake  
12.rear jack 27.number plate 42. £®window of green oil  
13.guiding of chain 28.dipstick 43£®right pedal  
14.rear fork 29.kick-starter 44. brake lever    
15.chainand chain guard 30.fuel tank 45. rear hydraulic brake system  


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Vehicle Identification

Frame, engine and EPA Identification

The frame, EPA and engine identification are required when you register your motorcycle, but EPA identification is generally applicable in the USA. The frame and engine serial may also be required when ordering replacement parts .Please record these numbers in the reference and Warranty Certificate section in this manual.


Write down important information here

Frame NO. (VIN)  
Engine NO.


EPA (only USA) information £ºEPA



Frame Identification (VIN)

The frame number (VIN) is stamped on a number plate located on the right front side of the frame.

Engine Identification

Engine number is stamped on the bottom of the engine, on the left side.

EPA Identification EPA

EPA identification is stamped on the rear fork or on the left side of the frame.


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