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Vocabulary of the text


Exercise 1. Give the Ukrainian equivalents to the following words and word-combinations:


appeal to, ecologically and socially conscious individuals, focus on volunteering, cultural heritage, primary attractions, marginal activity, significant portion, gross domestic product, a massive global commercial enterprise, assist local communities, niche tourism, exploration, remote, hostile areas, seek unusual holidays, cultural exchange or interaction, to step outside of comfort zone, bungee jumping, rafting, rock climbing, cardiac surgery, sanctuary, spa towns, urban areas, indigenous cultural communities, substantially, campsites, shift, to upgrade their properties, camper pitches, chalets, become fairly congested, to escape from the hurly-burly, horse-riding, pony-trekking, vineyards.



Exercise 2. Answer the following questions:


1. What do the types of tourism depend on?

2. Whom does ecotourism appeal to?

3. What does ecotourism focus on?

4. Why is ecotourism considered to be a major industry of the national economy of many countries?

5. What does adventure tourism involve?

6. What is "adventure travel"?

7. What does the term medical tourism describe?

8. What time did the first recorded instance of medical tourism date back?

9. Why are spa towns considered an early form of medical tourism?

10. What does cultural tourism generally focus on? What does it include?


Exercise 3. Match the terms with the definitions:


convention tourism a type of tourism that involves visits of tour operators and travel agents to travel destinations so that they get to know their facilities well
incentive tourism a style of vacation which is normally on farms
sports tourism an act of travelling to a disaster area as a matter of curiosity
leisure tourism a type of tourism which involves holidays awarded to staff members as a bonus to encourage them to work better
familiarization a type of active holidays including mountaineering, water tourism, skiing, etc.
special interest a type of tourism which involves taking part in, conferences, meetings and seminars
disaster tourism a type of tourism which involves holidays for tourism relaxation and entertainment purposes
health tourism a type of tourism which involves journeys for people who share the same hobby
rural tourism a practice of travelling to obtain health care



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