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Be going to

A Intentions


We use be going to to talk about something we have decided to do (an intention). David intends to climb up the ladder.

Here are some more examples.

I'm going to watch the next programme.

Emma is going to do an experiment this afternoon.

Rachel and Vicky are going to spend six weeks in the State:. We can use I'm not going to for a refusal.

I'm sorry, but I'm not going to walk half a mile in the ram.

(= 1 don't want to/I'm not willing to walk.)

The present continuous can have a very similar meaning to be going to. We can often use either form (see Unit 26A).

I'm going to visit my friend at the weekend.

I'm visiting my friend at the weekend. We do not use will here.

We can use be going to with the verb go (We're going to go out this evening), but the present continuous is more usual. We're going out this evening.

B Form

We use the present tense of be + going to + a verb.

They're going to move house. Matthew is going to play squash.

Vicky isn't going to have any lunch. We aren't going to complain.

Is Daniel going to apply for the job? ~ / think he is.

When are you going to pay this bill? ~ I don't know. I can't at the moment.

C Predictions We also use be going to for a prediction based on the present situation, when we can see that something is going to happen. The ladder is moving, so David is going to fall. Here are some more examples. My sister is going to have a baby in March. It's nearly nine now. We're going to be late. Do you think it's going to rain?


25 Will and be going to > 29B Was going to


24 Exercises

i Intentions (A-B) Look at the pictures and say what is going to happen. Use these verbs: answer, catch, have, hit, light Use these objects: the ball, a bath, a bus, the firework, the phone

They're going to have a bath.

1 ..

2 ..



2 Form(B)

Put in the verbs with be going to.

Laura: What are you doing with that camera?

Trevor: (►) I'm going to take (I / take) it to work. (1).. (I / lend) it to Phil.

(2) ................................................ (he / take) a few photos with it.

Laura: Why can't he buy his own camera?

Trevor: He's got one, but it isn't working properly. (3)........... (it / be) a while

before he can get it repaired.
Laura: Well, how long (4).................................... (he / keep) ours? When

(5). (we / get) it back?

Trevor: (6).. (he / have) it over the weekend.

(7) ...................................................... (we / get) it back on Monday.

Laura: Well, I hope (8).......................................... (it / not / get) damaged.

3 Predictions (B-C)

What would you say in these situations? Use these words: be sick, crash, get wet, lose, not stop, rain

► The sky is full of dark clouds.
/(s going to rain.

1 Now it's starting to rain. There's nowhere to shelter, and you haven't got an umbrella.

2 You feel awful. There's a terrible feeling in your stomach.

3 You are playing Scrabble. The game is nearly over and you are 100 points behind.

4 You can see a plane coming down. It's out of control and falling to the ground.

5 You are waiting for a train. There's one coming, but you don't know if it's the one you want.
It's travelling very fast.

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