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The Deciduous Forest

Define and explain the terms associated with the deciduous forest ecosystem

The deciduous forest it is forest which has tree with deciduous and shrubs .

Say where the Deciduous forest is found and name some countries that share it

The deciduous forest found in Russia , England , America and other countries . And usually next to with Europe .

Describe the climate

Climate in the deciduous forest usally be 20-25 C .

Name and show plants , tree and animals

Tree : birch, oak and aspen Plants : mushrooms and berries Animals : wolf , rabbite and squirrel .


Show ways that humans use / enjoy the deciduous forest

Humans can use The Deciduous Forest like place for grow vagetables , because on the deciduous forest good soil . Humans can enjoy with good climates in this is forest .

Explain how the ecosystem is balanced E.G. how the living things live , die and kill together

Explaing any problems facing the Deciduous forest

Felling of trees and forest fires .

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