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Scene Eight – A Street


Alicia comes out of the church and Renhart is waiting for her.


Renhart: Hey.


Alicia: ……


Renhart: Thanks for earlier.


Alicia: Is there still something you need?


Renhart: No, not exactly. I just felt that I couldn’t leave with things like that.


Alicia: ……


Renhart: Hahaha, so I really am a bother?


Alicia: I’m grateful that you kept quiet about having met me at the tanguera.


Renhart: …Don’t mention it.


Alicia: …….


Renhart: It was just a hunch I had.


Alicia: …There’s money in it.


Renhart: Yes…


Alicia: It’s for the orphans.


Renhart: ……


Alicia: There are many children at the church, all unrelated. We can’t feed them enough on donations and allowances alone. There are institutions. But there isn’t a single child who would want to go there.


Renhart: I see. …But when you were dancing at the tanguera, you were doing it with all your heart.


Alicia: Because there wasn’t another way, and I didn’t think anyone would know me.


Renhart: Yes, that’s probably true.


Alicia: Can I go now?


Renhart: Of course:


Alicia: …..


Renhart: Ah, if it’s okay…


Her cool demeanor cracks and she blurts out an accusation.


Alicia: The truth is that there’s something that you want to know.


Renhart: Eh?


Alicia: You came here to find something out, didn’t you?


Renhart: Why do you think that?


Alicia: Because what you said before was a lie, wasn’t it? About seeing me.


Renhart: ……


Alicia: When you saw my face, you were completely surprised, weren’t you...?


Renhart: Well, that’s because, I mean, I didn’t believe it. I thought at first that it was just a resemblance. But then when I got closer I saw that it really was you after all.


Alicia: …….


Renhart: It’s the truth. I’m a genuine American. I don’t have anything to do with the agencies of this country.


Alicia: But I’m a nun. It’ll cause me problems if you follow me around.


Renhart: I won’t do that. I just wanted to talk to you for a moment.


Alicia: Then are we through?


Renhart: (laughs) Can’t you relax for a little? You act as if you’re being investigated. Those boys earlier aren’t guerillas, are they?


She reacts as if stung.


Alicia: Why would you say such a thing?


Renhart: Well…


Alicia: Such a thing couldn’t be possible, could it?


Renhart: I just wanted to try and say it.


Alicia: Well you’re mistaken, so please don’t say such things.


Renhart: I’m sorry.


Alicia: They come from time to time to help out at the church with things. Carlos, the one who spoke to you first—


Renhart: Yes?


Alicia: He was raised there. And they’re all his friends… They come to help with the children too.


Renhart: I made a flippant remark.


Alicia: If there’s a rumor, even a word of it, lots of people could be arrested. Then they’ll never come back.


Renhart: Yes, please forgive me.


Alicia: Well, as a foreigner you wouldn’t know.


Renhart: …..


Alicia: I’m going now.


Renhart: Yes, thank you for letting me detain you.


Alicia: Well then…


Renhart: …..


Alicia: … I’ve probably said too much here. Please don’t mind any of it.


Renhart: Of course, it’s fine.


Alicia: ……


Renhart: If I go to the tanguera again, could I see you?


Alicia: Please don’t come again.


Renhart: But I like you.


Alicia: If you come I’ll pretend I don’t know you.


Renhart: I don’t mind.


Alicia: …….


Renhart: What’s your name? I’m Jay Renhart.


Alicia: …….


Renhart: Surely you can tell me that much?


Alicia: …Alicia.


Renhart: Alicia… It really suits you. It’s a good name.


She leaves without saying anything.


Scene Nine – Abstract Places ~Street Corners and Such~


The people in the city are suffering. The nuns are handing out food to the ragged children. One faints and is carried away.



This was once called the Country of Joy

Is now a dream?

Was before an illusion?

More than the poverty

The days without hope are bitter



They slip by

All of them, no matter the promises

Grief, all of it to the other side of time

I want to seek for it, but… I want to believe in it, but…

A person’s happiness is always fleeting

Tranquility is so far away

At least the children sleep in innocence

Surely the wishes from their hearts which know no hate will come true

Because they certainly weren’t born here to suffer


Carlos and the guerillas come through the streets, guns in hand, carrying the boxes of weapons that they stole.



They take away from the people

They trample down the people

The lamenting voices aren’t heard by those in power

Those who suffer are always the same

Tired out with surviving

They vanish in the swell of time

Murmuring, “Why was I born?”



I’m afraid

I can’t see anything

Even if I continue to wait, nothing will change

I can’t even fight with things as they are

I can’t pass away and disappear


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